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* New Tech Rails (3m vhb tape 
aftermarket weaver rails for rail-less guns) AVAILABLE (5 day delay)

* Magnetic Weaver Rails (no laser etc, just weaver mounted magnetically) AVAILABLE (5 day delay)

* Red laser products AVAILABLE 3 day delay

* Red laser + flashlight combos AVAILABLE 5 day delay

* VZ58 magnetic weaver (fits to bolt dust cover - see youtube) AVAILABLE 3 day delay

BAD NEWS : Our green laser project has hit a major problem with switching and we have to assume 4 weeks delay while we source new switches and re-test.

OUTSTANDING ORDERS: Up to #00000001989 will be shipped by Tuesday April 21st 2014.

LLC is a manufacturer offering the RAMLITE line of 'Magnetic Laser Sights'  'Magnetic Flashlights' and 'Magnetic or Fixed Accessory Rails (WEAVER / PICATINNY/ 1913)



We use high-tech neodymium magnets to strongly attach varied mounts to steel, stainless, polymer or aluminum gun frames. Nothing we make here is invasive to guns or uses any type of drilling / glue / gunsmith.


We fill the niche of fitting lasers and/or flashlights to guns without rails       

   RAMLITE   Magnetic Red Laser Mounts
(shown here on a M1911 and Beretta 92)

The laser and/or light can be carried separately (or left at home) and quickly installed or removed as needed. Now you do not need a special holster for daytime use.

For pistols with alloy or polymer frames a thin, carefully formed magnetic plate is affixed to the pistol using semi-permanent, all-weather 3M VHB tape which forms a tight engineered bond to the gun which is not only simple to affix and remove but keeps the product very stable + allows accurate ZERO capability. It's easy !

On/off in ONE SECOND. Retains zero during and after recoil so the product 
does not need to stay on the pistol 24/7 

Magnetic GREEN Laser Mounts
NOTE: NOT AVAILABLE : we have a new brighter green laser ready for sale 4/7/2015
(previous product shown here on a Tokarev TT-C pistol)
New product is smaller and brighter, final testing being undertaken right now.

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Magnetic Flashlight Mounts
Options: #1 Single Tank007-Tk703 110 lumen under the barrel with our famous swinging ambidextrous switch or #2 same.... but with extra light on the side (*which is removable) total: 220 lumen / individually switched also.
Go to Youtube, type in "RAMLITE DOUBLE FLASHLIGHT 220" to see the concept - we can fit that to most handguns.

TOP SELLER : Magnetic Laser / Flashlight Combos
These laser / flashlight combos (shown here on a M1911) use high-tech rare-earth magnets to strongly attach a red and LED light - perfect for home defense.

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Magnetic Rails
These rails (shown here on a 1911) use high tech rare-earth magnets to strongly attach the "Picatinny" / "Weaver" rail to steel, stainless steel, polymer, or alloy pistol frames.

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Fixed "New Tech" Rails
These rails use high strength weatherproof "Very High Bond industrial adhesive to strongly attach the "Picatinny" / "Weaver" rail to steel, stainless steel, polymer, or alloy pistol frames.

No question Money-back Guarantee !
If you are not satisfied we will return purchase price and shipping in exchange for the return of the product.
 For technical details about Ariete RAMLITE Magnetic Laser Mounts check out our User Guide UPDATE : this guide is out of date, read with caution (*I am trying to get it rewritten):

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We welcome your questions/suggestions/ideas for firearm accessories   

                    To contact us: WE PREFER EMAIL, it keeps a better log of what we are making for you.

                                 Ariete LLC                                      Phone: (602)-999-0382 
                       18427 N. 42nd St.
                     Phoenix, AZ  85032                    E-mail: Sales@ArieteArms.com


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